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Is "ck" a digraph?  I was recently working on a new file that includes digraph printables. When I was shopping for digraph clipart, I noticed that some of the files included "ck" clipart.  
I was taught that a digraph was two letters that make a new sound. You do not hear the individual sound of "c" or "h" with a "ch" digraph.  The two letters make a new sound.

Teacher Facebook groups are good sources for new and veteran teachers. One of my FB groups includes teachers from different location and wide variety of experiences. The "ck" question seemed like the perfect topic for this group. Sure enough, there was more than one definition for a digraph.
Melissa Lee Bates, a member of the group, shared the second definition. She said this definition is from Saxon Phonics curriculum. Using this definition, "ck" would be digraph.
When you are grading students' work, do you find that some of your students need more practice?  In a perfect world, you would pull this student and that student for specific skill work to fill in the gaps. Time to pull materials, time to meet with students, and other issues get in the way when you are in the trenches.

You can set up a early finisher, reteach center or personalize your morning work.  If you are like me, you need to clean out your files.  Does a teacher really need 12 copies of a specific worksheet?  Purge your files for your New Years professional resolution.  After purging your files, sort the pages by skills that students typically need to extra practice. Make files by skills (short vowels, long vowels, digraphs, addition, addition with regrouping, etc.) and add pages to the files.  You will have more than one type of worksheet in each file.
Students will select an assignment from the skill file that he or she needs to work on.  This is an easy way to differentiate your morning work or early finishers. To provide extra motivation for your students:
  • Let students choose the worksheet from the file.
  • Set up the center with special supplies like gel pens, 64 count crayons, smelly markers, etc. 

Would you like some freebies to set up your reteach center?  These printables also work great with your early finishers.

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