3 Tips to Solve Pencil Problems in the Classroom

Pencils can be a source of frustration and a waste of class time. Think about how many hours in a school year students spent trying to find, borrow, or sharpen a pencil when you are ready to begin a lesson.  Why is this topic not covered in undergrad classes?
Pencil Problem #1: The pencil that doesn't sharpen or the tip keeps breaking off.

Different brands of pencils sharpen different ways. If your school allows it, write a specific brand of pencil on your school supply list. Non-teachers don't realize how much the brand of a pencil makes in the day-to-day life of a student and teacher. My favorite brand is Ticonderoga.


5 tips to help with Teachers' Stress

What do Tom Cruise and teacher stress have in common? 
Click for song: Danger Zone

Teaching is a stressful job. Back to school, the day after Halloween, and parent-teacher conference week are times when you can almost feel the stress in the air of a school. It was during one of these anxiety-inducing times that I began humming the Danger Zone.  Do you do that, too?  Sometimes when life is a little crazy, rather than get bogged down with feeling overwhelmed, I step back and look at the situation a little differently.