Teacher Resource Tips

In a perfect teaching world, we would have all of the resources we need at our fingertips.  Wouldn't that be nice?  With a little creativity and effort, you can find, make, or get needed resources.

Look around your house, visit yard sales or garage sales.  Silicone candy molds or ice molds can be a used in the classroom. This pineapple mold can be used with Play-doh to make patterns, counting, or a compound word center.

Do you have left over scrapbook paper from your last project?  Copy word and pictures cards on the back of the paper.  The paper is sturdy and the design of the scrapbook paper adds a colorful touch to your centers.

Do you have a drawer full of lost and found pieces to games, toys, or jewelry?  Use your lost and found treasures to set up a museum of the skill you are currently teaching.  In the picture is an example of a compound word museum.  The hands on examples will engage your students and clean out your drawer at the same time.  Win!  Win!

Do you have paper plates left over from your latest holiday or birthday party?  It doesn't matter if they match to set this activity up.  Add a few stickers and a popsicle stick or tongue depressor for a quick and easy center.  The example above could be used:
  • A fan - great for letter Ff week.
  • Brain break paddle - students hit a balloon back and forth.
  • Compound words:  glue pictures or compound word stickers on the fan.
  • Counting / patterns:  practice counting and / or patterns by attaching stickers to the fan.

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