Reading Comprehension

I am joining a Reading Comprehension linky party that is hosted by Rachel @ Minds in Bloom.  Thank you Rachel!

Figuratively speaking, when you are on the road to reading comprehension, there are many forks in the road.  Do you want to travel down Connections Blvd. or should you take a right turn onto Summarize Drive?  Different stories and different genres, lend themselves better to some strategies rather than others.  Author's purpose is an important key to understanding non-fiction text.  Did the author write the story to persuade you to his opinion or is he giving you the information so you can make your own judgement? 

Here's a worksheet that you can use the next time you "travel" down Author's Purpose Ave.


This worksheet is a part of my packet called "On the road to Comprehension" which includes worksheets for the following skills:
   *Author's purpose & sign
   *Cause & effect
   *Main idea and details:  non-fiction
   *Main idea:  fiction



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HAHAHA! I love that little author guy with the mustache. That's adorable.

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Thanks! I thought so, too.

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I love him too! Who is the clipartist?
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