Teacher Invention & Earth Day

Jennifer @  Best Practices 4 Teaching is having a linky party.  She said . . .

OK...we are heading into the part of the year where the kids...and teachers!!...get SPRING FEVER!!!  So, I wanted to do something that we could all get a chuckle from!!

The theme for this Linky Party is:  If you could invent something FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL that would help teachers everywhere, what would it be? 

My inventions have more to do with how I deal with stress and one of my pet peeves.  I always get knots in my shoulders so I would love to have a chair with magic fingers. It would be like those recliners at the mall that gives massages.  You always go away relaxed and refreshed after spending a little time in one.  Imagine at the end of meeting with your reading groups feeling more refreshed than when you began.   

One of my pet peeves is the sound of a pencil sharpener.  UGH!  If I never heard that sound again it would be too soon.  So, I would invent the pencil that never needs sharpened.  Before someone leaves me a message about mechanical pencils and pop-up pencils . . . yes I have tried those but they don't work very well with the little ones.

I don't know about your feet, but my feet are sore at the end of the day.  I think I must have tried every brand of shoe on the market at some point.  I read somewhere to switch shoes in the middle of the day.  I tried that too.  It helped a little, but not enough. My dream shoes would make you feel like your are walking on clouds.  
Surely, you have some irritations, frustrations, or pet peeves that you would like to fix.  What would you invent to solve them?  Click below and link up!

Leanne @ Teaching Tales is hosting an Earth Day linky party and I'm joining the fun!  Here's my Earth Day lesson:

Click below to join the fun!


Margaret Louise said...

I love the pencil idea!!! I gave a little shout out to you in my invention post!

New Follower!
Margaret Louise
Tangled Up Teaching

Michelle said...

Thank you! I'm going to come visit your blog.

Stacey said...

These are great!! I'm all about the massage chair!! I signed up to get a massage once a month at a massage place, it's great, but one any time I wanted would be awesome! :)


Sally said...

I love all these ideas! Especially the pencil thing... why do pencils and pencil sharpeners always drive teachers crazy?

Sally from ElementaryMatters