Writing Center: Word Ring


While shopping at Dollar Tree today I had a spark of inspiration.  I saw shower rings in a variety of colors.  Hmmm!  What could I make out of these?  I used word rings a variety of ways through the year.  When I was looking for word lists on the internet I found a Dolch noun list of 95 words.  This seemed like a great thing to use when you have students who have a bad case of writer's block.  Hand them a ring a words and tell them to pick a topic.  An instant cure for writer's block!

You can make your word ring, too.  Get your free copy here:



Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

This is a great idea! I had students keep a word book that they added words to throughout the year and could use as a spelling and writing topic reference... I love the shower rings! I always see those on clearance at Target...much cheaper than buying the metal rings.


The 3AM Teacher

Hello Mrs Sykes said...

Super cute!

Hello Mrs Sykes

Mrs. Young said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for the frebie!!