Humpty Dumpty Science Station

One of my favorite ways to begin the year in kindergarten is with nursery rhymes.  Students are familiar with the rhymes so they feel successful, which builds their confidence.   Humpty Dumpty is always one of my students favorite rhyme.  I wanted to create more activities to extend this activity, and as an added bonus I was able to clean out my holiday tub.  Do you have extra plastic Easter eggs?  Too many to count, right?  This is the project for you!  Students put metal washers in plastic eggs, set the egg on a wooden block, and use a magnet to move "Humpty".  Students will experiment with putting different number of washers in the egg to see what effect it has on Humpty, moving the magnet different distances from Humpty to see what happens, and more observations. This is a simple science station to set up that will keep your students engaged for a long time!

You can purchase a package of washers at Home Depot for $2.68 and a package of magnets for $2.25.  Set Humpty on a wooden "wall" and he's ready for some fun!

A center is included.  

Directions are also included so your students won't interrupt your small group lesson.

Students will write about their results on this page:

Here is an extension worksheet yours students can do.  Let them choose whether to draw Humpty at the beginning of the story, middle of the story, or end of the story.  

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