Organizing Your Common Core Standard Labels

If you've bought my Documenting Common Core Kit, you are probably looking at the labels wondering how you are ever going to keep up with all of those labels or little strips of papers.  Whether you copy the standards on label paper or copy it on paper and cut them apart, this system will work for you.

First of hope for the best, but plan for the worst.  If you typically have 22 students in your class, plan for 25.  MAKE EXTRA COPIES NOW!  You will thank me later.

Find a parent helper who is very detailed who can do this for you.

1.  Make 25 (or however many you need) copies of each page of labels.

2.  Take 5 pages at time and cut apart first row of CC standards with a paper cutter.

3.  Take first row of standards (5 pages) and cut apart with scissors.

4.  Put the page of labels that hasn't be cut apart in a stack.

5.  Take the next 5 pages from the original stack and cut apart the first row of CC standards with a paper cutter.

6.  Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, 5 until you are finished cutting apart the first row of standards.

7.  When you are finished cutting apart all 25 pages of row 1 standards, clip each standard together with paper clip.  It works better if you clip them on the side.

8.  Then follow the same steps with the other rows of standards.

When you have finished copying, cutting apart, and clipping together all of the standards, you will put the standards in ziplock bags in the following categories.
Click above to get your free copy.
Please note:  K-2 do not have all of these labels.

Punch a hole in the corner of the ziplock bag and clip the bags together with a metal ring.

The labels I am referring to, is available in grades K-5 and is available in my TPT store.  Click below if you would like to purchase a kit:


Anonymous said...

I love the organization. CCS is just being discussed in my area - so it is new to me. What do you do with the lables when they are all cut out and organized? I really enjoy your site.

Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear you enjoy my blog. I'm having fun writing it!

I wrote about this system in a couple of different blog posts. Here are some of them:

The labels are one way to document you've taught the CCS. The labels are a part of my Documenting Common Core Standards packet. After I made the packet, I began thinking about the management of all of those labels or strips of papers and decided there needed to be some type of system to organize them, too.

Anonymous said...

Phew! I am glad the students are taking care of the documentation/dating/pasting of the standards. I was feeling some anxiety coming on. Now it makes sense to me. Do you have a documentation book with a sample/samples in it for a visual? I imagine it will get pretty full/thick.

Michelle said...

Each child has their own composition book. When I used this system before, we had just adopted new science standards. I didn't have my student paste every assignment in the documentation book. Only a few samples that showed evidence of the standards/objectives that we studies. It isn't always a worksheet, either that we put in the booklet. Sometimes they may write about a lab that we did (because it was science that I did this for in the past). Other times I took pictures of some activity, I copies the picture on the copier, they pasted the picture in their book and then wrote about the experience. If you cut the books in half - like I wrote about in the earlier blog post - I would paste the standard on the left page and write on the right page. The only problem I can see with cutting the book in half is trying to paste worksheets in the book. It will be harder to do. When i did this before it was with kindergarteners and with training, they could do it independently.

Anonymous said...

Holy Organizing!! LOL....these are great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower. I'm having a technology LINKY PARTY (my first linky party) and I'd love you to stop by and join in on the fun!

Anonymous said...

Found this link through pinterest. What a great idea. Address labels are such a great way to label things and can be used for so many things in the classroom. I'll have to buy a pack at the store and bring them to school with me! Thanks for the ideas.

Partly Sunny said...

I am curious why you would need to make all of these labels? Do you not include the CCS in your lesson plans and daily objectives?

Michelle said...

Partly Sunny,
I used the labels with my students' documentation books.