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When I taught kindergarten, I loved to read the series of books by Jane Belk Moncure called "My ___ book".  She wrote a book for each letter of the alphabet.  These books were the perfect introduction to whatever letter we were focusing on at the time.


After reading the book, we made a word bank and then played the "boy-girl game".  I wrote up instructions for how I used this book and made a few printables to share with you.  The instructions are easy to follow and would be easy sub plans the next time you need to be absent from school.  There are 3 different worksheets to choose from.  Two of them look alike except for the font.  Some teachers prefer font that looks like printed handwriting, while others like a more artsy look so I made one of each.  There is also a worksheet that has the students write a sentence.  These can be used to differentiate the assignment.

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Lori Rosenberg said...

I have all these books and love the worksheets you made. Thanks so much for sharing!

Lori (luvyorkies@gmail.com)
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Tania said...

Officially became your latest follower using Google friend (even though I have been following you using Reader).
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Stacy said...

I love the sheets that you made to go with these books. Thanks so much for sharing. BTW I am following you now too.

Michelle said...

You are welcome! I'm glad you like them.

Sally said...

Great stuff! Thanks for linking up!

Sally from Elementary Matters