Behavior Management Tips

Have you ever had a puzzle kid?  You know, the student that you know something isn't quite right but you don't know what it is?  You have a whole bag of tricks for students that are diagnosed with X, Y, or Z, but how do you help your puzzle kids?  I see the puzzle kids as a challenge, a challenge that I love.  It's helpful to write down all of the issues and the strategies used.  Documenting what didn't work is just as important as documenting what does help.   It is stressful when my bag of tricks runs low and my teacher friends are out of ideas, too.  For those times, I found the perfect resource, The Pre-Referral Intervention Manual, or PRIM for short.  The book has any and every type of issue known to teachers.  You name it, this book has it.  This book gives helpful, practical suggestions that teachers can use with his/her puzzle students.  If your school doesn't have a copy of this book, I highly recommend you ask your principal to purchase it for your school.

Here are a couple of free printables that can you use to document behavior issues.
Do you feel like your classroom is in an episode of Welcome Back, Kotter?  You've got to give Mr. Kotter credit, Arnold Horshack would have tried the patience of a saint.   Do you have a Arnold Jr.?  Try using the visual cue below:
These forms are part of my Behavior 101 packet which is available at my TPT store which cost  $4.


Lisa R. said...

Oh yeah, I think it is safe to say that most years I always have a puzzle kid, lol. I love this behavior documentation sheet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Unknown said...

The PRIM is perfect for RTI documentation also. Have used this for years.

Miss Foote said...

Loving the Welcome Back Kotter reference! So funny.
Chickadee Jubilee