Learning Targets

Have you heard of learning targets?  
Learning targets are a road map of where students are going on their road to learning.  If you click on the target sign above, you can read an article that explains this in more detail. The authors of this article state, "A learning target should convey to your students what today's lesson should mean for them."

Many teachers this summer are spending their vacation looking for Common Core materials.  I found a set of CCSS for 2nd grade teachers that would work really well if you want to give your students a visual learning target.  The information from these signs can be found at Read Tennessee.org.  Here are a few pictures from the packet:


Click HERE if you would like to purchase the set.

Here are some suggestions for how you could use these:

1.  Glue the standard pages above on colored card stock paper.  Use different colors of card stock for each of the following categories:  reading: literature, reading: informational text, reading-foundational skills, writing, speaking & listening, and language.  

If you have a thematic room, you can get thematic paper in the scrapbooking section and use it for the background page.  

Then punch holes at the top of the card stock signs and clip them together with metal rings.

Use J-Hook push pins to hang the C.C. standards signs where you teach your lessons.

With the metal rings, it is very easy to flip through the signs to find the standard that you need.

Here is an example:

Do you have any learning target ideas?


Diane said...

One team I taught with puts their targets on clipboards and rotates them that way. I like your idea because it is more colorful and student-appealing. I've been putting mine in mini-pocket charts at each station so I can list several targets and use post-it notes with student names to differentiate.

Unknown said...

Where can you buy the j hook push pins?

Unknown said...

Where can you buy the j hook push pins?

Michelle said...

I bought mine a few years ago at Target.