School Memories

How have your school memories shaped you as a teacher?  Through the years, I've heard the two extremes.  Teachers either had negative experiences when they were students which motivated them to be a better teacher or they loved school, had wonderful memories and wanted to share those experiences with the next generation.  

I was fortunate in that I fell into the later category.  Some of the activities that teachers did with my class, I used with my students.  One of my favorite activities in fourth grade was Friday Fun Day.  Our teacher, Mrs. Sexton, reviewed math facts and spelling words with chalkboard races.  I absolutely loved this!  I practiced my math facts, writing quickly, and legibly at home so I could (hopefully) beat my classmates.  I've taught for twenty years and every one of those classes has experienced Friday Fun day.  Many of my students learned their math facts through chalkboard / markerboard races.  

Who could forget playing "Around the World"?  This is another great game for teaching math facts.  It wasn't just our classroom teachers who used this game.  Our elementary music teacher, Mrs. Huff, used this game also.  She had flashcards with musical symbols that she used for this game.   Mrs. Huff also played a teacher's version of Twister.  She put masking tape on the floor to make the 5 lines of a musical staff. Then 2 students would stand at the bottom of the staff when she would tell us to do things like "right hand on A", "left foot on G", etc.   We all left with a firm grasp of music.

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Lisa R. said...

It's funny how we still incorporate a lot of our school experiences into our classrooms now. My grade level still does Fun Friday. I also play Around the World with my students. :)
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Mrs D said...

I love around the world, but I never ever played it as a student. But we did do multiplication reviews that were very similar in grade 4,

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RainbowsWithinReach said...

FUN Friday to you, Michelle!! Thanks so much for adding your 'memories' to the link-up! How well I remember those races at the chalkboard. I too was motivated by the fun within the competition.

I appreciate your hosting the hop to a wider audience!

Debbie Clement