Talkative Students
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I must admit, this is my new favorite pin.  Probably because it is so relatable to me.  Every and I mean every parent teacher conference my parents had with my teachers when I was growing up included something about my chattiness.  It didn't matter who my teachers moved me next to, I could find some topic to discuss with my classmates.  Keep in mind this was back in the 1970's so teachers had more freedom with their disciplinary measures than we do today.  Teachers taped my mouth shut with wide library book tape.  I quickly learned I needed to lick my lips before they put tape over my mouth.  This was a temporary measure, and it didn't work in the long term.  Another teacher had me stand in the corner and still another one had me draw a circle on the blackboard and put my nose in the circle for a timeout.  None of these measures    were effective and probably aren't used today.  As a kid it felt like I had all of these words inside me and I felt like I would explode (or something) if I didn't get them out of me.  Granted, as an adult I know this wouldn't happen.  But, when you are a "Chatty Cathy" that's what it feels like.  You know how when you blow up a balloon it gets bigger and bigger . . .  when you are a Chatty Cathy you feel like your head is getting bigger and bigger with words.  

What is a teacher to do?  Give your Chatty Cathys an outlet for their thoughts.  There are different ways to do this.  One way is with a "My Thoughts" book.  When students have a thought that he/she is wanting to share and it's not a good time to talk, the student can write about it in the "My Thoughts" book.  You can teach your students to write just a few words in the book to remind him/her what he/she wants to talk about later when it is an appropriate time to share.  This way writing in the book won't use too much class time.  Sometimes you can find bundles of memo pads like these at Walgreens on sale.   They would be small and handy to use, plus perfect for those of you who have copier restrictions.  Tie a pencil to the spiral so your student always has a writing utensil ready to write and let your student carry the book with him or her. - where ever he/she goes.  

Here is a book you can share with your class:


Unknown said...

The thoughts book sounds like a helpful outlet for kids, like a journal.

Arlene sandberg said...

I love this Michelle. You have described my son and his son-Every teacher has always complained that they can't stop talking!!!!! I might get a notebook for my grandson.
LMN Tree

Stacey said...

Love this idea!! Thank you so much for posting!

Unknown said...

I love the pin!! hilarious. I cannot believe what your past teachers did to you- sheesh! I was chatty too. My report cards always had a comment about that. But, look at us now! We talk for a living :) I guess that is not that surprising! haha The thought notebook is a great idea- thanks for sharing!

Always A Lesson