Halloween Faculty Ideas

Are you in charge of the social committee at your school?  Looking for Halloween ideas?Here are some spooktacular ideas:

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All it takes is a goodie bag and a note from this site.  Leave the goodie bag for one of your co-workers one day as a surprise treat.  Your co-worker then will make 2 copies of the note and 2 goodie bags and continue the fun.  Soon you will see "You've been booed" signs all over your school and everyone laughing and enjoying the fun treats they received.

Are you in charge of October faculty snacks?  Do you have a potluck this month?  Here are a couple of suggestions:

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4321Teach said...

We 'BOO' each other at my school. The kids don't really know that we are doing to, they just think its part our decorations for the fall season.

BOO to you!

Jenn Long said...

We've been boo-ed at our school too! It's so fun!

A Pirates Life for Us

It's About Time, Teachers said...

I found a linky party called "You've Been Boo'd" in which you send 1 of your products to 3 other bloggers. Cynthia at wnd Grade Pad started it. Anyone can join; you don't have to be boo'd to join. Just do it. You can find it at http://www.2ndgradepad.blogspot.com/2012/10/who-will-be-bood.html

A fun new twist on the game! I hope you'll check it out.