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I am linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple.

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Are you looking for new ideas to fill your bag of tricks?  Debbie @ Rainbows Within Reach is a musician extra-ordinaire.  She is a former art teacher who now writes and performs music at schools all across America.  Once a teacher, always a teacher, Debbie makes the most of every school visit.  She keeps a camera handy and snaps pictures of great ideas and shares them on her blog.  Reading her blog is like peeking into hundreds of classrooms.

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This site is a great source for teachers and parents.  If you have a handout that you give to parents at conference time, I would add a link to this site.  Granted, this shouldn't be the only link on the page.  Even if you want to give a very strong hint, mingle it with links to other sources that are not ADD/ADHD related.

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Teresa @ Confessions of a Teaching Junkie post called "My Teacher's Secret Life" had me strolling down memory lane.  I think any teacher who has taught for any length of time has had the experience where we've seen a student at the grocery store, Target, or restaurant and the student is completely shocked that a teacher has a life.  Imagine that, a teacher eats food!  I love the way this assignment takes that to a whole new level.

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With Halloween right around the corner, students are sure to be thinking about what they want to be this year.  This Darth Vader game is perfect for October.  This is a fun way to reinforce math skills.  Fern @ Fern Smith Classroom Ideas features freebies each Friday and this was one of them.  Be sure to visit her blog on Fridays so you can snag a few freebies.


There's not much more I can add to this.  Albert said it all!

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