Random Acts of Kindness


Last week my husband and I were on a road trip to Santa Barbara when we had a little accident.  My husband spilled his drink.  Luckily it was iced tea so it didn't make a sticky mess.  But, there was tea and ice cubes everywhere.  We pulled off the interstate into a parking lot of this business:


While my husband was gathering up the ice cubes, I ran into Bryan Equipment Company.  This business sells farming and vineyard equipment.  I asked the owner if he sold paper towels, too.  He said they did.  I told him I was so glad because we were on a road trip and spilled our drink.  The owner refused to sell me paper towels.  He gave me a roll of paper towels, offered me some 409 cleaner, and also gave me 2 cups like the one below.  He told me that these cups would stay in our cup holder and hopefully prevent future spills.  He was so right!  No more spills!  Not only did we drive away with a cleaner car, but smiles on our faces due to an unexpected random act of kindness.  A big shout out to the kind folks in Gonzales, California!

I appreciated this random act of kindness and thought it would be a great lesson for teachers to use with their students.  Are you on your faculty's social committee?  This would be a great thing to implement with your colleagues, too.  Here is a form you can use:

Click HERE to download this FREEBIE.


Chelsea said...

I LOVE the idea of pointing out students random acts of kindness! That would help create a wonderful classroom atmosphere!

Wolfelicious said...

What a nice company!! It is good to know that people can still be nice!

Thanks for sharing this.


Brandee Green said...

Sweet. :)
Creating Lifelong Learners

Mrs. Landry said...

How awesome! It's awesome to know that good people are just waiting around the corner to lend a helping hand. :)
Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

Paula’s Place said...

What a lovely thing for a stranger to do. It restores our faith in human nature to hear these stories.
Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

KaSandra said...

What an awesome story!
Memories Made in First

KaSandra said...

What an awesome story!
Memories Made in First