Fire Safety in the Spring

In October, you will often see pictures of firetrucks, Dalmatian dogs, and firemen in school hallways.  Students learn important fire safety lessons.  But, did you know that you should do a quick review in the Spring?  Every year, about 3,400 people die in fires. Another 17,500 people are injured in fires.  Many of these fires occur in the home at night when people are sleeping.  Some of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented with a working smoke alarm.  

One simple thing that can make a big difference is changing your batteries on a regular schedule.   This Sunday, March 9th is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. Time to change your clock means it is time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.

This would be the perfect time to review fire safety and include a reminder about changing batteries.  Here is a note you can send home to your parents.

Click HERE to download this freebie.

Do you like to incorporate different multiple intelligences in your lessons as much as I do? If so, you are in luck! I found these great music videos that are sure to be a hit with your students!  I know I've been humming the songs all afternoon.  They are colorful and fast moving.  I'm sure your students will be humming along in no time!

Click HERE to watch the videos.

There are also FREE lessons that go along with these videos for grades PK - 3rd.  Fun activities that are perfect review for this time of year.

Click HERE to download these lessons.

I have a special surprise for my followers.  Erin @ told me about these videos.  She offered to donate two $20 Starbucks gift cards because she realizes that this is a crazy time of year for teachers.  Thank you Erin and Weareteachers!  All you have to do is go visit their site and follow me on Bloglovin'.


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Dian Tara said...

Nice way to teach young kids about fire safety. Love it!