Going Buggy - Insect Fluency Task Cards

If you follow my blog, you know that fluency is something that I write about from time to time.  Here is one of the posts:

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Fluency is one of those skills that can be easily overlooked because we spend so much time teaching phonics and phonemic awareness in the primary grades.  It wasn't until I sat in a P.D. - yes there are helpful professional development meetings - that I finally understood the long lasting impact fluency instruction had our students.  Read the post above to find out more about this.

After I sat through that PD, I went "back to the drawing board" or so to speak.  I didn't have any more time in my schedule, but I knew I wanted my students to do more fluency strengthening activities.  I needed to find lessons and activities that they could do individually, with a partner, as a center, or with a small group.   My answer was my Sentence Shuffle Centers.   

Today I made something new - the idea is not new - it is a new lesson packet for me to make.  I made my first fluency task cards. 

Going Buggy is an insect themed packet about seven different insects.  There are four different task cards about each insect.  Twenty eight task cards are included.  Here is an example of one of them:

  • Level 1 is the easiest reading level and level 4 is the hardest reading level.
  • Each task gives the word count.

You can set this up as a partner activity.  Give the partners one card or a ring of cards.  There is a fluency check form that the partners can fill out to rate their partner's reading.

It is a quick and easy form!

You can also set this up as a center.  To use it this way, you will need:
  • Ring of task cards - organized by insect
  • Pencil
  • Timer (in the picture is an egg timer from Oriental Trading.  They are $6 per dozen.)  
  • Crayons

Here is a closer look at the worksheet in the picture.

The answer key is also included.

You can organize the task cards by levels.  There are covers included.

Or you can organize them by insects.  There are covers included.

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