Primary Math Videos

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This picture has a link to a site called Common Core 4 Kids.  Jason, the owner of the site, struggled with math as a child.  He wanted to help children strengthen their math skills in an fun and engaging way.  He spoke to parents and teachers before he began this journey of making math videos.  

Use these math videos:
  • Computer center
  • Introduction to new unit
  • Give the link to parents so students can watch them at home
At this time, the site has videos for 2nd graders.  Jason, would like to begin making first grade videos.  He needs financial help for the cost of producing these videos.  If you are a public school teacher, you are probably familiar with Donor's Choose.  Even though many public school children benefit from his videos, that is not an option for Jason.  He did find a program called indiegogo that helps organizes financial campaigns.  

You help is appreciated!
  • Donations as small as $5 are happily accepted. 
  • Share this link with the librarian, person in charge of tech at your school, or administrator.  Schools can get access for a one time fee rather than a subscription.
  • Share the link on your Facebook page.  You might be surprised at how many people can relate to math struggles in the primary years and want to help other children.
  • Share the link with your PTA.
The campaign ends on May 19th.

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