Earth Day Fun

This month is Earth Day!  Does your school do something special to celebrate it?  I found something new that is definitely Earth friendly.  Do you have a boogie board?  It is a fun way for students to practice writing.  It is an LCD eWriter.  You use a stylus to write on it and then push a button to erase what you wrote.  No more fights over what color of dry erase marker or wasting time passing out all of the needed supplies.  The boogie board and stylus fit in this neoprene sleeve.  This would be a good thing to add to your next Donor's Choose or PTA grant wish list.

Click HERE to read more about it.

I have an Earth Day themed fluency center.  Students can strengthen their reading skills while reading about Earth Day.

Students will use phrase cards to make sentences.  After using the cards to make sentences, students will write their sentences.  There are 3 different writing papers included so you can differentiate this center.  Or be Earth friendly and use a boogie board!

Students will read the Paper Saver Mini Book during reading group.  To add a little thematic fun, use small erasers like the ones in the pictures.  Use the erasers to emphasize whatever skill you are currently working on.  Examples:  
  • Find a word with a blend on this page.  Cover that word with an eraser that begins with a blend.
  • Find and cover a word that ends with "th".
  • Find and cover a word that rhymes with May.
  • Find and cover a word with 3 syllables.

After brainstorming with your class different ways that people celebrate Earth Day, have your students record their answers using this interactive journal printable.

Click HERE if you'd like to see the preview for this lesson packet.

FREE Earth Day fluency task cards.

My April morning message packets include messages about Earth Day.

Click HERE to visit Starfall.

Earth Day Memory Game
Click HERE.

Online jigsaw puzzle
Click HERE.

Sort the waste into the correct bin.
Click HERE.

Click HERE to see the video.

Click HERE to see the video.

Reduce, reuse, & recycle song
Click HERE to see the video.

Here are some books I found that would be a good supplement to your lessons.  Click on the pictures if you'd like to read more about them.


Looking for more ideas?  I am linking up with Danielle.  Click on the picture below.


Mrs. Garcia said...

Wow! Your post is so thorough. You provided so many ideas and options. Thanks a bunch!

Study All Knight said...

I just featured this post in my latest addition to my blog. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome Earth Day ideas in the Tips and Flips April Linky. I also love your blog design. Tenille made mine, too! Thanks again!