Reading Tips & Tools

Do you have a young reader this year that wants to look everywhere but at his or her book during your reading group lesson?  I have had a few of those students.  No matter how many times I redirected him or her, his or her eyes wandered away from the book. 

My reading specialists gave me a color overlay/mask that she bought at a teacher supply store to use with my student.  It worked like a charm because it gave my student clear directions for where her (this time it was a girl) eyes should be focused.  The only glitch was, I had several more students that needed the same help.  The overlays or masks that you buy at the store were kind of pricey so, I made my own using index dividers.  

You can buy index dividers are most stores.  This set is from Target.

You can cut them in a variety of sizes.  I found that 1 inch by 6 inches worked best for me.

I like to have a variety of colors so students can choose the color that works best for him or her.  

They are only allowed to use one strip.  I put three different ones on this assignments from my Buggy for Reading packet so you could see the differences with the colors.

This is one of the extension assignments from the Buggy for Reading packet.

I have a series of Buggy for Reading packets that are on levels Pre-Primer - 2nd grade.  Click HERE if you'd like to read more about them.

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