Too much energy?

This is one of the most stressful times of the year.  You feel pressure from administration and parents about the upcoming standardized tests.  No matter how many times you go over some of the material, you know that some of your students will not perform at the level that you would like.

Then there are the woes with the weather.  One too many inside recess means students with too much energy!  After working on test prep all morning, students need a recess and so does their teacher!

This past week, one of the teachers in a Facebook group that I belong to, shared a new site that she found that is the perfect cure for this.  Have you heard of GoNoodle? If you follow my friends, Tessa @ Tales from Outside the Classroom or Kelley @ Teacher Idea Factory you probably saw their posts about how excited they are about this site.

GoNoodle is FREE!  All you need is an Internet connection, computer, projector and screen or interactive whiteboard.

I have a Pinterest board that is devoted to brain breaks.  But, one of my biggest complaints about the videos that I pin to this board is the video works when I initially pin it to the board.  But, a few days later when I click on the pin, it often doesn't work anymore.  Either the video is now a "private" video or the link is broken.  I know it worked when I pinned it but it doesn't seem to work very long.  It is very frustrating!

GoNoodle will solve this problem!  There are a variety of videos that vary in length from 1 - 12+ minutes.  The videos are grouped in categories. (see above)  Plus you can save them under "favorites" which is a quicker way to get to the ones your students love.  These videos are all quality videos and THEY WORK when you click on them! How great is that?!!!!

On this site, your class will have a mascot.  To add a little fun:
  •  Let your class vote for the class mascot.
  • Let your students write a persuasive essay about which creature should be their class mascot.
  • Divide your class into 6 groups.  Hold a class election to choose the mascot.  Each group will be assigned a different mascot, organize a campaign, and choose a spokesperson.

The videos vary in length so you can use them for brain breaks or inside recess.  I love this Zumba kids: Wipeout.  The graphics are colorful; your students will love the music, and showing off their dance moves!

The Let's Move Workout video is perfect for your rainy days.  It is almost 13 minutes, which will give your little wigglers plenty of time to get rid of some of their excess energy.

Do you have students who thrive on goal setting?  They will love the graphics that show what level they are on, how many minutes they have worked out, and how many minutes to the next level.  I'm sure that in a very short time your students will be asking for a GoNoodle break.

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