Class Incentives

How do you motivate your students?  Do you use incentives?  I know there is usually a pro-incentive camp and a con-incentive camp.  I've heard different arguments through the years against incentives.  The one I heard mentioned the most was about intrinsic motivation.  Students are supposed to want to do well because they are motivated from within. They are not motivated by outside forces or things like stickers, trips to the treasure chest, praise, or candy.

More often than not, the same colleague who was opposed to rewarding students through the use of stickers, treasure chest, or other extrinsic methods was the same person complaining in the teachers lounge that her principal or parents "doesn't appreciate her".  If asked how she would like her parents or principal to show appreciation, she usually wanted to be recognized for her hard work with a happy note, email, visit or phone call.  Wouldn't these words of affirmation be considered extrinsic motivation?  

Don't we work harder for a principal when we feel like we have a principal that supports us and recognizes our value?  If we are truly intrinsically motivated, we should work to the same high degree whether we have parents and administrators that value us or not.  

What about our paycheck?  How many of us would show up for work everyday if we weren't getting paid?  Isn't a paycheck extrinsic motivation?  We expect students to show up and do their best quality work because that's their job.  Their "paycheck" is their grade. But, when you're young, do you really get the value of a report card? 

As you may have guessed, I fall into the pro-incentive camp.  I enjoy rewarding my students through a variety of methods. 

One of my all time favorite incentive plans was the B.U.G. plan.  You can read more about it HERE plus there are FREE printables for you.

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