Meet the Teacher

Through the years, I have found a few things that have helped make my Meet the Teacher less stressful.  I would love to hear your ideas, too!

One thing that is very helpful to parents, especially the ones who are new to your school, is your clothing.  Teachers and staff members should wear their school shirts at the Meet the Teacher and the first day of school so parents and students can quickly identify staff members.  

I always decorate my Star Student bulletin board  with my personal information at the beginning of the year.  It shows parents an example of the types of things I'm looking for when it is their child's assigned week.  Plus, it lets parents and students get to know me.  I always get positive feedback about this, especially the pictures of my pets.  I think this is something that students can relate to because most of them also have beloved pets.

Sometimes you will have students and parents who have trouble leaving your classroom.  This creates problems because you have a short amount of time and you would like to chat with all of the parents that come. There is usually one or two parents that are very anxious about the school year starting.  You can clearly see it by the endless questions for you and staying in the classroom longer than the other parents.  I found something simple that helps with the anxiety.  Tell your parents and students to take a tour of the school. Give them a checklist of places they should visit such as the library, office, playground, gym, computer lab, and cafeteria.  Students that return the checklist with parents' initials of the places that they visited on the first day of school will get a small treat (like a scratch 'n sniff sticker).  

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Make small signs for all of your supplies before your students arrive.  Attach the signs to laundry baskets or boxes.  I like to use community supplies instead of my students keeping their own supplies which means I need to store supplies.  Paper boxes are stack easily.  At the end of each school year, I ask the custodian if he will save some of the boxes for me for Back to School time.  

What do you do for Meet the Teacher?

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Karen Greenberg said...

I really like the idea of staff wearing school shirts at both Meet the Teacher and the first day of school. My campus traditionally dresses up on those days, but it makes more sense to be easily identifiable. I passed the tip along to my principal for consideration!

Lindalouhoo said...

We think so much alike! I use clear storage boxes (with cute labels, of course) for my community supplies. The smaller ones (highlighters, erasers, dry erase pens) are kept in a cabinet, the larger items (index cards, 2-pocket folders, composition books) are either given a student name label and given back for keeping in their desk, or put in a box inside a file cabinet drawer (I use binders, so my file cabinets are for stuff). I like your tour the school idea; most of our students are returning, so I walk them around on our first day (they are exhausted). Our meet the teacher is casual, open house is a few weeks later.

Candy Namynanik said...

Hello, I'm a 2nd grade teacher in Georgia. We do have school spirit wear and have certain days to wear it. However, the first time I meet students and parents I want to wear professional attire not weekend attire. This is the only time I'll see some of the parents for the year and making a good impression is important to me.

Pam Petralia said...

I've never thought of wearing my school shirt to open house. Thanks for the idea!

Emily Cole said...

Our Principal has us all wear matching school shirts. It is very helpful to the parents when they're trying to find someone to ask a question or if they're looking for a teacher. They know who to look for. We still dress professionally for meetings and conferences, but on the first day, it is all about making sure the child and family are comfortable in the school and classroom.