Tech & Tips for teaching the ABC's

Are you looking for some new resources for teaching the ABC's and letter sounds?  I have some sites and other resources that you should check out.

This site is called Letter Speed.  Click HERE to visit the site.

This ABC Match game has a timer which makes it fun.  Click HERE to visit the site.

Jolly Phonics letter sounds - click HERE to visit the site.

Alphabet Goop students practice letter ID and sound.  Click HERE to visit the site.

My students have always enjoyed the flashlight center.  It is a versatile center.  Students can practice writing letters, numbers, or spelling words.  You will want to go over a few rules ahead of time.
  • Don't shine the light in your eyes or a classmate's eyes.
  • Turn off the flashlight when you finish.  Double check to make sure you did this because batteries are expensive.
  • Point the light on the table or floor to write.
  • Do not open the flashlight.

Here is a note you can send home to parents asking for supplies.  Click HERE for the FREE note.

I personally prefer penlights because they fit in students' hands better.  Some years around Halloween, Target Dollar Spot will have pen lights for $1.  But, they don't include the batteries.  I found the six pack of penlights below on Amazon for $6.75 which is a great deal.
Click HERE for a link to the penlights.

Click on the pictures below for more lessons, videos, and other great stuff!

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Do you have a fun way to teach letter sounds or letter identification?

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Kate said...

Thanks for all these great resources! I love the flashlight center idea! My little ones will love it.
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