Field Trips: Tuesday Teacher Tips

I don't know about you, but field trips are one of those things that always give me an anxiety attack.  I am a worry wart by nature, so a field trip is like the Olympic's version of super-sized things for me to worry about.
  • Will all the chaperones show up?  
  • Will a student throw up on the bus? 
  • Will the chaperones watch the students that they are in charge of on the trip?
  • Will one of my students with medical / allergy issues have trouble?
As you can see the list is endless.  I rarely get much sleep the night before a field trip.

I do think field trips can be educational and students have wonderful memories of them.  One year, I had an idea that made a BIG difference.  It was another one of those V-8 moments for me.  Why didn't someone tell me about this before?  

Make tie dye shirts for your students to wear on field trips.  The shirts are unique and easy to see at a glance.  I  loved that I could circulate through out our museum field trip and count heads.  It saved so much time because I could see my students from a distance.  

The year that I had this idea, I had an amazing mom that volunteered to make them for my class.  How great was that?!!!  All that my parents needed to do was send in a white t-shirt.  My class wore our shirts on our field trips and on field day.  We looked really snazzy!  

(Click here for the tie dye kit.)

I made two notes that you can use if you want to organize tie dye shirts, too.  One for asking for white shirts and the second note is asking for shirts and money donation for supplies.  Sometimes your P.T.A. will give you money for the supplies.  

Click HERE to download this freebie.

Donor Choose is a good source if you need help funding the supplies for the tie dye supplies or field trip expenses.

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Fern and I are adding something new this summer.  Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading.  I love to read teacher blogs and the latest teacher idea books.  Stop by Fern's blog and my blog each week for Tuesday Teacher Tips.  We hope you will share your ideas, too.  

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Mrs. Wilson said...

I love this idea! I've been blessed to work at a school with fantastic parents! For field trips, I give each parent a name tag (with a lanyard) with the students' names in their group, my cell phone number in case of an emergency, and what time to return to the bus. Even though we generally all stay together, it gives me greater peace of mind if one group lags behind or wants to adventure ahead.