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Do your students have the wiggles?  Is today another inside recess day? Then it is time for the Mystery Hat Game!  It is a fun way to learn figurative language and get the wiggles out at the same time.

Mystery Hat Game:
Students draw an expression out of the hat or choose an expression and make a hat. There are blank hats and a list of expression included.
Students will turn in the hats without stapling the hat. 
Call up one student at a time and put a hat on the student that another student made. 
Do NOT let the student see the expression on the hat.
When all of the students have a hat, the Mystery Hat game will begin.
Students will walk around the room asking their classmates questions about the expression on their hat until they can guess the expression.  There are two different question sheets included so you can differentiate this activity.
The first student who solves the mystery is the winner.
Play until all of the students know what expression is on their hat.

After everyone has figured out the expression on their hat, have the students stand or sit in figurative language groups.

These hats are part of my packet that I just finished.  There are 3 blank hats and a list of idioms of similes (see picture above) that you can use to play the Mystery Hat Game.  To make it extra fun, cut up the list of expressions and put them in a hat.  I love to use visuals like hats with lessons like this.  I think these are the things that give students those hooks to remember these lessons later when they need to remember the information.

There are 2 question sheets included.  Suggestion:  Have you students put one of these answer sheets on their clipboard and then walk around asking their classmates questions on the page about their mystery hat.  The object is to try to figure out what expression is on their hat.

There are also 14 hats with a graphic and idiom written on the hat.  Students will: 
  • Write what the expression means
  • What type of figurative language
  • Use it in a sentence
  • Illustrate the sentence

There are also 14 hats with a graphic and simile written on the hat.  Students will: 
  • Write what the expression means
  • What type of figurative language
  • Use it in a sentence
  • Illustrate the sentence
You can set these hats up as a center, use them as seat work, or give each student a different hat, and then play Mystery Hat Game.  

There are cards with similes and idioms that students can sort in a center.  Answers are included so it can be self-checking center.  

There are 3 different recording sheets for the sorting center so you can differentiate.

There are also 4 different interactive journal printables.  One of the printables is open-ended so you can use it with any type of figurative language.  The other 3 have different expressions written on hats like the one in the picture above.  Students will write what the expression means under the hat.

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A Teacher's Journey said...

I love all these ideas! I am a college students majoring in Elementary Education and I am always looking for lesson ideas to take to the classroom when I start my student teaching! Your blog has so many great ideas!