Inside Recess: Weather and Spring Theme

Melting snow and slush followed by spring showers means it is time for mud season.  It also means you are at your wit's end when it comes to activities for inside recess, right? Would you like to try something new, that will hold your students' attention and keep them quiet at the same time?  

My students have always loved to paint with water colors. Integrate science with this activity by playing weather sounds while your students paint.  Tell them to paint what they are visualizing in their mind when they hear the music.  Below are some videos you can use.

Click HERE for rainy sounds video.

Click HERE for wind sounds video.

Click HERE for bird sounds video.

Management tips:
  • Ahead of time get a pitcher of water.  Get two pitchers if you have a large class.

  • Have one volunteer pass out paper to the class.  I like to use white construction paper.  I usually cut the large sheet of paper in half.
  • Tell your students to write their names on their paper and then turn the paper over.   Their name will be on the back of the painting.
  • Have another volunteer pass out a cup or bowl that will be used for water.  I usually put one between every two students.
  • Have another volunteer pass out a paper towel.  Give one to each student.  Some students like to dry their brush after dipping it in the water.
  • Tell your students to get out their water colors.  Make sure everyone has a brush.  I usually purchase a packet of brushes at Dollar Tree in case someone has lost their brush.
  • Once everyone is ready, I explain the directions for today's activity (listening to the video and painting what they visualize).  Students are not allowed to talk during this activity because everyone needs to be allowed to hear the video and let their creative juices flow.  :)
  • I also tell them that they only get one piece of paper. They need to take their time and do their best.  When they finish, they will sit quietly until the painting time is over.
  • When everyone is ready and understand the expectations and directions, I pour a small amount of water in the bowl or cup.
Sometimes they paint while I play music.  When I do this, I have them fold their paper so it has 4 rectangles.  I play 4 different types of music.  They paint in different squares when I change music.  This is great activity to hang up on your bulletin board.  I love all of the colors and designs. 
What do you do for inside recess?

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Your Therapy Source Inc said...

This is a great idea! I love the idea of folding the paper in fourths. If you wanted to add some movement, when you change the music maybe the children could change seats and work on a different piece of paper making all the artwork collaborative.

Here is another idea for indoor recess - peanut butter and jelly game. The kids have to be quiet and calm during the game so they can concentrate making it a perfect indoor game. You can read how to play here: the peanut butter and jelly game

Unknown said...

Such awesome ideas! Our kids have indoor recess for soooo long so they get tired of the same old same old!