Diphthongs - OY: Morning Messages FREEBIE & Toys R Us

Morning messages are lessons that I have seen worked its magic - for all academic levels of students. Yet, many times I either wrote a quick message at the last minute or I skipped it altogether. It seemed like there were more pressing things I needed to do. I knew that morning messages are a spiral review that strengthen my students' skills who are below and on grade level. It is also easy to extend the message to enrich my strong students. What is a busy teacher to do?

It wasn't until I planning for my maternity leave that I stumbled across a perfect morning message system for me. I wrote about the system with this post, which includes freebies.
I made a new Morning Message free packet that you can check out to see if you like this system as much as I do. The theme for my new packet is: Dipthong - OY.

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