Readers Theater and more to Love

One of my favorite strategies for dealing with a chatty class is readers theater.  I guess you could call it "guided chatting" because the script dictates what the students are saying.  There are certain times of the year, when even the most well-behaved students will discover his or her voice.  When those time occur, I pull out the readers theater scripts.  My students are strengthening their reading fluency and working cooperatively as a group. Readers theater are the brain breaks for talkative students!

Jen @ Teaching in Tongass is hosting a linky party called Top Wishlisted Items.  I thought it looked like a fun party to join.  I love to see what other people like when it is time for the TPT's site wide sale.

Obviously, other teachers have discovered the same thing as me - that readers theater helps with more than reading skills.  Jan Brett is one of my favorite authors.  It must be others teachers favorite authors because this Readers Theater & More: Jan Brett - Annie and the Wild Animals and The Three Snow Bears is one of my top wishlisted items.

Behavior 101 is another popular packet of mine.  Not only is it one of my top wishlisted items, it is my #2 best seller.  I think this file has been popular because it includes a variety of behavior forms that can be used to motivate your students in a positive way to "get back on track".  There are also forms to communicate with parents - great for conferences and R.T.I.  The happy notes are a great way to build relationships with your students and parents.

I've always said that having emergency sub plans is like buying car insurance.  It is not fun to buy (or make), but if you ever need it, you'll be really glad that you have it.  I taught 17 years before I needed my emergency sub plans.  But, I was glad I made them, when that time came.

The advantage of setting up the sub binder system is when you have an absence that is planned, all of the procedural details are already done for you.  Those are the nitty-gritty details that take so long.  Your planned absences will no longer seem so cumbersome.  

My Sub Resource Binder is my number #1 seller and one of top wishlisted item.  Read some of the feedbacks so you can see why it has been so popular.

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