Reading Motivation: FREEBIE, Graphic Novels, Magazines

Have you ever had a student (or two or three) that was a perfectly capable reader, yet was not a highly motivated reader? Reluctant readers may be competent readers because of their lessons at school. But, there is only so much guided practice that a teacher can provide for fluency because of lack of time. Eventually, the reluctant reader's lack of practice (reading for pleasure at home) will impact their fluency skills. When these students enter older grades, with more reading material to cover in a shorter period of time, their limited fluency skills will be a source of frustration.

There are a few things I have found that motivate this type of student.

Does your reluctant reader have a limited attention span? If so, he or she may be overwhelmed if there are too many words on a page. Try books like graphic novels or non-fiction books. These books have small reading areas with clear start-stop places. This makes these types of books more motivating to read. Eventually the reluctant reader reads so many of these that his or her fluency skills improves, builds stamina, and graduates to chapter books

Magazines are another good strategy to use with reluctant readers. Magazines work the same way as graphic novels and non-fiction books. Magazines do not overwhelm students with short attention spans. Magazines are also an easy literacy center to set up. Plus, I have a free sample for you.
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