Reluctant Reader Tips: Shark Week

Are you looking for reading ideas to use with your reluctant readers? I've had some students through the years that I felt like I could stand on my head, do a juggling act, and they were still less-than-enthusiastic about reading.
How are your books organized? Some teachers are required to organize their books by levels. Other teachers are given more flexibility.

I found many reluctant readers were not motivated when books are organized by reading levels. These are usually the students who are not motivated by moving their star on the A.R. chart or any other reading incentive program. These systems was full of arbitrary numbers to them.

Books about topics that they were interested in seemed to be the key to motivating this type of student. I had more success when I organize by books by a wide range of topics. I used topics like castles, space, desert, time periods, Superheroes, animals - specific types.

If you are required to organize books by level, you can set up a few "featured book areas" like the one in the picture below.
Do you have trouble engaging your reluctant reader when you meet with your small group? Use their interest to motivate them. Sharks and other ocean creatures are motivating themes with students.

I found these manipulatives at a party supply store. Sound boxes are a quick and easy warm up. Great for your phoneme segmentation intervention group, too. Get a free copy of it.
These gummy candies are fun to use, if your district allows you to use food with your lesson. I found these at Walgreens.
Want to get your students excited about their reading assignments? Use fun school supplies like smelly markers. Suddenly, the assignment isn't work anymore!
You can find a variety of smelly markers. Some can even be purchased individually. I found the skinny marker on a clearance section of Staples for 25 cents.

You can download the Shark Reading passage plus other free activities on the link below:
Ocean: Shark themed freebie

I am joining some of my friends for Shark Week Blog Hop. Be sure to visit each blog for tips and a freebie. Hop over to Andrea @This Literacy Life for some fun ideas.
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Paula's Primary Classroom said...

I love all your ideas for motivating readers, I've tried some of them, but will be adding others to my "bag of tricks". Thank you for sharing!

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said...

Happy Shark Week! Such great ideas, thank you!

Linda Nelson @ Primary Inspiration said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas, Michelle! It's always fun to shake things up a bit!
Linda at Primary Inspiration

luckeyfrog said...

Thank you so much for joining in our blog hop! You shared such great ideas for motivating your kids, and your freebie is so great. I really love the morning message and how interactive it is! :)