Goal Setting and Behavior Incentives

Back to school means time to teach your new class your rules and procedures. Do you use brag tags? You can use brag tags to motivate your students. You can incorporate goal setting along with these procedures and use brag tags as a reward.

Introduce the goal (procedure) to your class. In the picture is a desk goal sign. Have students model what the goal looks or acts like.
There are also blank goal signs so you can personalize them to fit your class needs. Later in the year, you may want to revisit this when your student begin falling out of their chairs, rocking back in their chairs, not pushing their chairs in, or have messy desks. Goal setting can be used throughout the year to fine-tune expectations.
Attach brag tags to popsicle stick or tongue depressor. Use these during your lessons when a student needs a reminder of the goal. These make great visual cues.
There are different ways you can display brag tags. Hang brag tags on curtains rings like the ones in the picture above. I hung them on a push pin with a hook. Above the hook is students' assigned number. This is a easy display to make. You can buy 24 metal shower curtain rings for $1 at Dollar Tree. If you use calendar numbers instead of names you can use this same bulletin board every year.
Do you get a sad report when you pick your class up at specials or lunch? Attach a brag tag or two to your clipboard. I'm sure the teacher or support staff holding up one of these will motivate your students to show positive behavior.
How do you store your brag tags? There are many different ways: tool box, notebox, or in ziplock bags like the picture above. You can punch a hole in the corner and connect the bags with a ring.
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Unknown said...

Great idea and display. Where did you buy those colorful push pins?

Celeste said...

Those hook/push pins!! Where did you find them??

Michelle said...

Hi Celeste,

I'm sorry but I don't remember where I bought them. I searched online and these are the closest pins that I could find.


Hope it helps!