Brag Tags, Movement, 5 Senses, and Emojis

Emojis, emojis, emjois . . . everywhere you look are emojis! I found these two emoji pillows at a party supply store for $3. I thought they could be used in the classroom. Teachers can:

  • Choose 2 students who are good listeners during circle time to hold the emojis. 
  • Play the quiet game during inside recess. Choose one girl and one boy to lead the game. The girl will choose a quiet girl to give the emoji pillow to, switch seats, and the new girl will walk around looking for another quiet girl. Boys will do the same thing with the boy emoji pillow - if you have 2 pillows. 

Build a positive community with brag tags. You can reward your:

Super Student
Helpful Chum
Positive Pal
Whiz Kid
Hard Worker

I just added colorful and blackline brag tags to my Behavior 101 and my Bundle. If you already purchased one of those, you may go to "my purchases" to download it again to get the new pages for free.

Have you been to Target Dollar Spot lately? I found these emoji sticky flags and notes this week. These would be perfect for writing notes to your students.

Do you want a challenge? See how many lessons or activities you can incorporate the sense of smell. I found the smelly things in the picture at Wal-Mart.

Markers: Add to your writing center. Students can use the markers to highlight or circle the vowels, blends, or other skills that you are working on.
Mini-pens: Add these to your word work center for scent-sational work!
Lipgloss: You can put a dot of smelly gloss on the back of students' hands when you catch them with "scent-sational behavior".

Do you have a wiggly class this year? It helps if you can give them opportunities to get up and move. One way you can do this is with a reward system. I found this bee bowl at Safeway. You can set this up as a team point system, class system, or do it for individuals who need to move more. When you catch a team, class, or individual following the rules choose a student to put a flower in the bee bowl.

I love using a variety of sounds to manage movement. Keep a small bell like the one in the picture at your reading table. You can:

  • Ring the bell once if your students' noise is too loud. 
  • Ring the bell twice if it is time to switch. 
  • Ring the bell 3 times when it is time to clean up. 
How do you manage your students' behavior?

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Unknown said...

I love the fact that you can use these emojis for discipline. I am actually planning to use emojis as a theme in my classroom this year. This is great for that implementation.

Unknown said...

I love the fact the you can use these emojis for discipline. I actually want to use emojis as an overall theme in my classroom, so this will go perfect!

Unknown said...

I love this theme! It is incredible to use it with discipline...I do want to use it this school year! Students need to have excellent behavior before they start learning.