Sort, Patterns,Graphing, and Fairy Tales

If you have taught for a few years, you probably have a few extra sets of calendar numbers, candles, and other small pictures like the ones above.  You might even be missing pieces from a set or not have enough for your current class.  Not a problem!

Gather a variety of small pictures like the ones in the picture.  I organized mine in a small plastic container with drawers like the one in the first picture.  I also added other fun stuff students could use for making patterns or graphs such as stamps and BINGO daubers.
The best thing about this math station is that it is open-ended.  You can make this a permanent station.  Change the pictures or stamps in the drawer when the season or month changes.  

Do you have a science unit about the sun and moon?  You can integrate math with your science unit using this station.

You can also use this math station to enrich your fairy tale unit.  The "jewels" on the sorting page are plastic rocks from Dollar Tree.

Do you have a station that is set up permanently?

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