Fluency that is NOT Teacher Directed

Fluency is an important components of reading, yet it is often neglected.  What type of activities could I plan that were NOT teacher directed?
To improve fluency, students need to read over and over which takes time.  Time is in short supply for most teachers.  Some parents listen to their children read at home, but not ALL.  How could I fix this problem to ensure ALL of my students were getting enough practice?  The answer was partner fluency checks.  You can try a free partner fluency check.
Teachers who downloaded the file above asked if I had more activities like the ones in the file.  I recently made a Kindergarten-1st grade Fluency Check file and a 2nd-3rd grade Fluency Check file.

Color Code the fluency cards by reading levels so you can quickly see the difference without looking at the bottom of the card.  Punch a hole and put the cards on a ring for easy storage.
The reading passages come in two formats - fluency cards and comprehension printables.  More formats means more times reading the same passage which improves fluency.
There are also comprehension signs.  Punch a hole and put the signs on a ring.  Use them to ask questions after a read aloud or with your small group.
Comprehension signs are perfect for quick checks after a read aloud. Put the comprehension signs on a ring.  Keep the ring where you read to your class.
Set up a literacy center using the signs and comprehension passages. This is a quick center to set up.

Reading the passages in different formats will improve students' fluency.  Partner fluency checks and literacy centers are NOT teacher directed activities.  Perfect fluency activities for busy teachers!
I currently have the following Fluency Check files available:
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Fluency Check 
Fluency and Comprehension Passages

2nd and 3rd Grade Fluency Check 
Fluency and Comprehension Passages

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