Having Fun with Math Videos

"This is fun" is my all time favorite compliment.  I know that when students are having fun while learning, they are are more engaged.  More engaged means less discipline problems for me.  A win-win for any teacher, right?

When an activity is fun, students take more risks and have less anxiety about what they are studying.  Of course, all teachers would like every lessons to be fun and engaging.  Unfortunately, teachers have a limited amount of time to plan lessons.

One way you can extend your math lessons and make math fun is with videos. Students benefit from hearing math concepts a second time, presented a different a way. Jason @ Common Core 4 Kids emailed me this week to tell me about a special promotion. Your school can get a site wide license for a full year for $25.  This promotion ends November 3rd.
I have written about Common Core 4 Kids math videos before. Math was a difficult subject for Jason, the owner of the site. This has been his motivation for finding a way to help students. Jason just added a new 3D math game that will strengthen students' skills. With first player games and videos in the games, students can revisit the videos again and again. Students learn concepts through videos and visuals with audio.  Students will answer questions about topics like place value blocks, clocks, and much more.

Would you like to check out this site?  You can get a 15 day free pass

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