Reading Homework: Book Bags & Minutes

Lately, there has been a debate about the merits of homework. Some schools have made an effort to shorten the amount of time students spend on homework and a few have stopped the practice altogether.
One thing I think parents and teachers will agree upon is the value of students reading books.  Is there a way that you can encourage reading - really  reading books, not just signing a reading log?

Think about your own reading habits.  Is everything that you read on the same reading level, same type of materials or genre?  No, probably not.  In an average week, we read magazines, posts on the internet, books, newsletters, letters, and other materials.  Why not organize something similar for your students with Book Bags?

Book Bags can include a variety of types materials like magazines, fiction and non-fiction books. You can use reuseable shopping bags or themed bags like the ones in the Target Dollar Spot.

The theme of the bag can be used a variety of ways, too.

Minion themed bag found at Target Dollar Spot
Possible themes:  Minions or yellow 

If you purchased my Readers Response file, you may download it again.  I added materials to organize Book Bags that are in the picture above.

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