What's on your Bookshelf? FREE Book List

Why do some students wander around during free reading time?  Do you have one of those students?  He flips through the tubs of books but can't ever find something that he wants to read.  Seeing all of these tubs of books in many classroom libraries can be overwhelming for some students. How can you help these students use their reading time more effectively?
Do you have a bookshelf like the one in the picture? I like using a bookshelf that shows the front cover of books to feature books about the theme or topic that I am teaching.  This type of bookshelf can help the overwhelmed student (O.S.). Use this shelf as a "one stop shopping"  place for books for your O.S.

  • Bookshelf should be small.  It is better if it shows front cover like the one in the picture.
  • Rotate books on this bookshelf frequently - at least twice a month.
  • Have a wide selection of books: fiction, non-fiction, grade level above and below.

I made a PDF of books with links for October themed books for you.

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