Behavior Tips: Grab their attention!

Back to School, Spring Fever, March Madness . . . . if you are a teacher, you realize that there are more than four seasons. Halloween is the beginning of the "Do Whatever it Takes" season. This is the time of the school year when students are comfortable with each other, comfortable with you, and "let their hair down" behavior-wise. This is also the time of the year when you are trying to teach the bulk of your curriculum.

When you began teaching, managing behaviors was at the top of the list of important skills to acquire. Your students must listen to you in order to learn. How creative are you when it comes to "Do whatever it takes" season?
"All eyes on me" takes on a whole new meaning when you set up a system like the one in the picture above.  I found these eyes at Party City. Grab them at an after Halloween sale.  The blow up eye would be a good reminder or point to it (visual cue) when you say, "all eyes on me".  The little eye "balls" would be a fun reward system.  Pass out one to students who are modeling the desired behavior.  When all of the balls are passed out, model students earn a reward - eat lunch in the classroom.  Model students will turn the balls back in and the incentive game begins again.
Halloween supply stores sell werewolf ears like the ones in the picture. The next time your students are having a particularly difficult time with listening, put on a pair of werewolf ears.  Once the laughter dies down, your students will see the werewolf ears and remember that they need to listen and follow directions. Visual cues can work wonders!
Party supply stores are also a great place to find fidgets. Some of the fidgets are really cheap, too. I found the stretchy bracelet for forty cents at Party City.

What is your favorite behavior tip?

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