Random Acts of Kindness

It seems like we are bombarded with negativity.  It is easy to let all of this weigh you down. Who wants that? The best way I have found to bring back the positive spark is by practicing a few acts of kindness.  

An act of kindness can be for an individual or group. A few school related ideas you can try are:
  • Bake cookies and put in the teachers' lounge to put a smile on your co-workers' faces.
  • Do a co-worker's recess duty.  The gift of time is one of the best things you can give a teacher.
  • Invite your co-worker's class to join your class for a special event. Give your co-worker a break during this time.  I.E.  Your class performs a Reader's Theater play.  Your class can write their own plays with this free template.

Acts of kindness are like flowers. Something beautiful happens after you plant the seed. More and more acts of kindness begin to pop up where you planted your seed.
Have you noticed a higher rate of conflicts with your students lately?  Introduce random acts of kindness to your class.  You will be surprised at the positive impact this will have on the climate of your class.  I found some videos and songs that you can use for your lesson.  I also included a couple of response pages.  You can download this Q.R. Code listening center free.

I am joining other TPT sellers to build a wave of positive thoughts.  You can find more free lessons by searching on TPT for:

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