Read and Follow Directions

Does this sound familiar:
  • What am I supposed to do on this assignment?
  • I don't know how to do this.
  • Can you tell me how to do this?
One of the jobs we have as teachers is to help our students become lifelong learners.  Students need to know how to read and comprehend in order to make this possible.  Comments and questions like the ones above are signs that students need to work on comprehension skills or be given more opportunities to work independently.  There can be a variety of reasons why students struggle to work independently - learned helplessness, lack of confidence, etc.

You can help your student build confidence in their reading skills and strengthen their comprehension skills by using the cards in the picture below.

These cards include simple commands or tasks for the students to do.  Most of the tasks involve some type of movement so these have the added bonus of helping with the wiggles.

Keep a set of cards where you teach.  When your students need a stretch break, hold up a cards, ask a volunteer to read it, and then let your class do it.

Is is ANOTHER day of inside recess?  Ahead of time, copy these cards on colorful cardstock, punch a hole, and put them on a ring. 

Divide your class into 5 groups and give each group a ring of cards.  Each group will complete the tasks on the cards.  Rotate sets of cards until each group has done all of the cards - time permitting.

Students are reading and following directions plus MOVING!

Set up a literacy center with the Read*Color* Write printable included in this FREE download.  This is a good way to assess your students' skills.  There is an answer key included so you can make this a self-checking center.

There are also 30 read and follow direction task cards included with this free download.

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