Cinco de Mayo Activities

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is right around the corner.  Are you looking for new ideas?
Start your day with these FREE Cinco de Mayo themed morning messages.  There are two messages so you can use one whole group and add the other one to a literacy center.  I wrote a blog post showing how you can set up morning message literacy center.

This is the perfect time to introduce your class to Mexican folktales and legends.  

The Opossum and the Great Firemaker:  Lexile 340L  
This is a story about how a smaller animal tricks a larger animal to return fire to the people.

The Goat in the Chile Patch: Guided Reading level H
Rigo and his animal friends try to save his chiles from a goat that was hungry.
Share fairy tales with a Spanish or Mexican theme.

The Three Little Javelinas - version of 3 Little Pigs:                             Guided Reading level P
Set in Sonoran Desert.  This desert covers southwestern parts of the United States and Northwestern Mexico.  It is the hottest desert in Mexico.
Read Aloud:  8:51 minutes
Flat Stanley is a favorite unit that is studied at this time of the year. Flat Stanley travels to Mexico in Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventure: The Mexican Secret.  Reading level:  4.1 Grade Equivalent.  Have you tried to use the different versions of Flat Stanley with your Literature Circles?  You can have whole group discussions, too since the books have the same characters.

Have your students locate their countries on a map when you use the different versions of Flat Stanley that are set in different countries.  You can let them in a circle on the floor while the different groups find find their country.  I found the map in the picture above at a fabric store.  I love it because you can fold it up.  Easy to store and very colorful. 
Students can read about Cinco de Mayo while building sentences.  Sentences can real or nonsense sentences.  Then students will see read get additional practice reading the sentences with the mini book with small group lesson.  

What is your favorite way to study Cinco de Mayo?

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