Pencil Tips plus Win School Supplies

Pencils can be a big headache for teachers.  Yet, how many of us were taught how to manage pencils in our undergrad classes?

Do you use community supplies with your class?  One way you can hold your students accountable is by color coding the supplies. Use a different colorful supply tub on each table or team.  Draw a mark that is the same color as the tub on each of the supplies.  If a pencil or pair of scissors falls on the floor, students will be able to see easily see which colorful tub that they should return it to.

Do you have limited supplies?  Assign each student a number.  Write or tape the students' number at the top of the pencil.

I love to keep a bag of sharpened pencils handy to use when I'm being observed or quarterly writing prompts.  It's amazing how a nice sharpened pencils will produce top quality work.

Black is the perfect color for pencils to use with your small groups.  Students rarely bring black pencils to school.  Your class will quickly figure out that a student with a black pencil at his or her desk, must have "borrowed" it from the teacher's table.

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