Fall Teacher Tips

Fall has arrived. Have you noticed that some of your students get energized when the chilly weather sets in? You might need to break up your schedule into smaller blocks when this happens. You can use brain breaks to help get your students back on track.

One seasonal break I like to use is "hot pumpkin". It is played like "hot potato" only I use a pumpkin. I found the foam pumpkin at Dollar Tree. Students sit in a circle. Give one student the pumpkin. Play seasonal music. When the music stops, the student holding the "hot pumpkin" is out of the game. Continue playing as long as you have time or until you get down to the last student holding the "hot pumpkin". Students need to be quiet to hear the music which is an added bonus.

You can control the music or you can let each student as they are caught holding the "hot pumpkin" have a turn controlling the music. When you organize it this way, you have a little time to pass out papers or do other teacher-stuff.
Eyes on me? Sometimes it pays to be a little silly.  I found the buggy eyes headband at Dollar Tree.  Wear this during your lesson when you need your students' attention and I'm sure their eyes and ears will be focused on you.

How do you keep your students' attention?
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