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Procedures, procedures, procedures . . . it seems like there are so many rules, procedures, and expectations to teach at the beginning of the year.  You will thank me later if you add glue to your "to do" list.  One year I skipped teaching glue procedures and expectations at the beginning of the year.  I had moved from first grade to third grade that year so I didn't think it was necessary. Wrong - - - very wrong!  The first assignment that involved glue was a big mess.  Take the time to show your students your expectations.
  • How do you open the glue?
  • How do you close the glue?
  • How much glue do you use?
  • Where do you store the glue?
Have you seen this video by Tricia Fuglestad? It is a great video to show at the beginning of the year. It covers all of the common glue issues that happen in the classroom. It is only 3:30 minutes and well worth the time.
      You can prevent clogged glue tips by rubbing a little bit of petroleum jelly inside the tips.  The quickest way to do this:
      • Sit at your teacher table.
      • You will need a pair of pliers, jar of petroleum jelly, and Q-tips.
      • Call one group of students at a time.  Each student will bring a bottle of glue.
      • You will take off the glue tip with pliers.  
      • Students will take a Q-tip and dip it in the petroleum jelly.
      • Students will rub the petroleum jelly inside the glue tip.
      • Students will put the glue tip back on the glue bottle and close it.
      It is helpful to let primary students practice glue skills before they need to use glue with an assignment. Colorful glue is helpful when practicing this skill.  You can make cheap colorful glue with food coloring.  I use glue from the year before for this project.  It is easier to mix if there is only half a bottle of glue.  I used 10 drops of blue food coloring in the bottle below.
      You can easily see the glue when it is colorful.  When white glue dries it is clear.
      In the FREE assignment above, your students can practice putting dots in the boxes.  You can also have your students put a dot of glue where he or she began writing the numbers.  Great way to reinforce writing skills.

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