Behavior and Work Habit Tips - Winter theme

A change in weather can change your students' behavior and work habits. When that happens, it is time to try something new.
Do your students ask you questions about something you just finished explaining in step-by-step detail? When you notice this happening, change how you ask for your students' attention.
Most of the attention getters that teachers typically use are verbal.  Try using a noise maker like a train whistle when your class has seasonal wiggles.  You can find whistles like the ones in the picture at stores like Dollar Tree, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby.
Your class may become talkative during the change in climate.  Try planning more partner or group activities.  Yes, they are still talking, but you are choosing the topic of their discussions.  You can pick partners or groups using seasonal shapes like the snowflakes in the picture above.  Each shape represents one group or partner set. Cut the shape into the same number of students you plan to have in each group.  Pass out the pieces and give your students time to find their partners or group members.  Extra bonus with this activity is it works as a wiggle break.
Have you lost some of the pieces to a set of calendar numbers or small shapes?  You can repurpose them into a classroom management tool.  Put the pieces in a bag or box.  Let your students draw one out of the bag or box before you begin a lesson.  You can use the shapes and calendar numbers when you want to form cooperative groups: (example)
  • Green trees will meet in the library corner.
  • Snowflake #1-6 will meet near the computer center.
  • Mittens will meet by the math center.
Change in season means a change in work habits.  You may find more incomplete assignments and work turned in that is less-than-the-best quality work.  You can motivate your students with this quick and easy way to showcase top quality work.  A string of twine with clothes pins is the quickest way to do this.  You can add this in your classroom or hallway.  
There is something magical about Scratch 'n sniff stickers.  Add one to the papers you display and all of your students will want to have their assignment featured there.
What do you do when the seasons change your students' behavior?

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