Staff Morale Boosters & Random Acts of Kindness + Freebie

The end of January is the best time to plan a few morale boosters. Cold and flu season, dreary weather, and upcoming tests can impact the school's climate.
Add a staff morale booster to your faculty meeting. A Sunshine Committee or principal can organize this activity.

You will need prizes. Parents and local businesses are good sources to ask for prizes. There is a parent note that you can send home asking for donations in this FREE download.

Next, put the prizes in bags so staff members cannot see the prizes.

Ask staff members to write their name on a piece of paper and put it in a basket when they arrive for the faculty meeting.
Take a white elephant approach to the prizes.  Example, if you have six prizes, the first winner can choose a prize.  The second winner can steal the first winner's prize or select a new prize.  If he or she steals a prize, the first winner will select a new prize.  To save time, you may want to set a limit for how many times a prize can be stolen.  This is one of the few times when people do not want to be chosen first because it is fun to steal another person's prize.
Did one of your teammates get "that class"?  A little treat or note in the mailbox can make a big difference.  I found this sound effects box at the clearance section at Marshall's this week.  Wouldn't that be a fun attention getter? 
A warm drink is a perfect random act of kindness for this time of the year.  Drop of the supplies in the faculty lounge with a note and soon you will see smiles on your colleagues faces.

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