Famous African Americans: Book List, Word Work and Word Wall

What's on your bookshelf? Do you have a front facing bookshelf like the one in the picture? I found this one at a thrift store. Most of my schools have had one like this. Use this shelf to feature weekly or monthly themes. Your students will be more engaged with reading when you change books frequently.

February is Black History or African American History month. You can easily incorporate lessons about the contributions by famous African American into your plans.
Girls and boys enjoy reading about Bessie Coleman.  She was the first African American to earn a pilot's license. Many classrooms have a word wall.  Have you set up a separate word wall for the themes or units that you are teaching?  For this word wall, I like to add a picture of the book cover next to the word.  Before I read a book to my class, I will choose a few words from the book to discuss.

Whole Group:
Discuss vocabulary words (word cards) - meaning of words, how these words might apply to the book, and use word in a sentence.
Read: Fly High! The Story of Bessie Coleman by Louise Borden and Mary Kay Kroeger to your class.

Word Work - Compound Words:
Hold up "tailspin" word card
Students will write it on dry erase board
Students will draw a line dividing 2 words
Students will think and write other compound words with "tail"
A fabric map like the one in the picture above is an easy way to connect social studies to your read alouds.  Students can find the setting of the book on the map.
Is your schedule hectic this month?  Begin your day with morning messages about African Americans.  There is a sample in the preview file that you can try.
I compiled a list of books that have African and African American characters.  You can get a FREE copy of the booklist.

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