Behavior Management Tool - Take a Break form

Do you have a student that has extra energy, has trouble focusing, or a short attention span?  Sometimes a short break from the classroom can help. A change in scenery and movement can help the student focus better when he or she returns.

What do you do if you don't have any errands to send your student on? 

This is when it pays to be prepared.  Ahead of time ask a co-worker if you can send a student from time-to-time that needs a quick break.  You will send an envelope with a note with the student so the co-worker is aware of what is happening.
Do you have more than one student that needs to take a break?  Copy forms on colorful paper and put each form in a different envelope.  

Your co-worker will circle yes or no letting you know if your student entered their room without being disruptive.  There is also room that your co-worker can add comments.  

Don't forget to add a pen to the envelope.  Your teacher friend may be in the middle of lesson and not have a pen handy.

Keep this form for parent-teacher conferences.

Class Break Form

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Leveled Book List, fairy tales, April birthdays of Children's Authors

Hans Christian Andersen's birthday is April 2nd.  He is the author of many fairy tales.  April is the perfect month to integrate fairy tales with your other Spring lessons.

Include The Ugly Duckling with your pond life lessons.  Science and literature is a perfect combination!
  • The Ugly Duckling (retold - original version is a higher reading level) Guided Reading level - G
Read fractured fairy tales and compare texts.  Let students write their own version of one of the fairy tales that you share.
Grab a copy of the Happy Birthday author forms from my February file.  
Martin Waddell was born on April 10th.  Some of his books that you might be familiar with are:
Let's go home little bear would be a good text to compare to Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Eileen Christelow was born on April 22nd.  You probably have a copy or two of one of her Five Little Monkeys books.
Her book, Where's the Big Bad Wolf, would be a nice addition to a fairy tale unit. Police Detective Phineas T. Doggedly is looking for the Big Bad Wolf after the pigs' house of straw and house of sticks was blown down.
Guided Reading level - L

Amy Hest was born on April 28th.  She is the author of books about ducks and weather.  Perfect topics for your April lessons.
Guided Reading level - J
Guided Reading level - I
Looking for new fairy tale ideas?  I just added a fairy tale themed file.  Students read the directions and either color the pictures or draw a picture.  Then write about the picture.

Grab a copy of the FREE April leveled book list.

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Fairy Tales Inquiry, Reading Comprehension, and Classroom Management

If you follow me on social media, you know I love books. I love to mail boxes of books to teachers that follow my Facebook page. I love to read books to children and read books in my free time. My house looks like I could open a book store. Can you relate?

Fairy tales is my favorite genre to read to students. These books can be read at any time of the school year.  Before you begin a fairy tale unit, set up a table or center with a few objects like the ones in the picture above.  I'm sure your students will spot it as soon as they walk in your classroom.  Tell your class the objects are clues about the new unit they will begin studying.  Ask them to look at the objects to see if they can figure out the objects have in common.  What is the theme?  This is a great way to build interest in a unit and an easy inquiry lesson.  You will hear your students brainstorming with each other if you wait until later in the day to introduce the new unit.

Through the years, I read The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka during the first week of school to my students. It is the perfect story to share before discussing conflict resolution, tattling, and other behavior expectations. It is helpful to share this story at the beginning of the year before one of your students want to report an issue. You can remind your student that just like Alexander T. Wolf and the 3 pigs had different points of view, you need to hear both points of view.
Three Billy Goats Gruff is a fun story to act out. Give your students some materials to construct their own bridge. Let them draw and write about their construction in their journals. It might inspire their future career path.
Beanie babies can be a classroom management tools when you are reading a fairy tale. Give a beanie baby to a student that is a good listener. After you read a few pages, let the student pass the beanie baby to another good listener.

Integrate this story with the following lessons:
  • Word family: -ig 
  • Farm unit 
  • Skip counting: by 3's 
Read*Color*Write and Read*Draw*Write printables can be used as reading comprehension quick checks.  You can read the feedbacks from other files with this format to see why busy teachers love these.
Fairy tale themed quick comprehension checks.

Would you like to try a sample?
FREE Fairy Tale - Princess & the Pea
Read & Follow Direction comprehension check
Read * Color * Write
Read * Draw * Write

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